[Vintage Antique] 1905 EP Dutton "A GAY DOG The Story Of A Foolish Year" Picture Book / Cecil Aldin

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In 1905, it became a picture book called "A GAY DOG The Story Of A Foolish Year" printed by "bemrose and sons ltd" in England and published by "EP Dutton" in New York, USA.
The illustration is by British illustrator CECIL ALDIN, a famous illustrator who sketches animals and countryside landscapes with pencils and chalks.

* Contents *
A heartwarming story full of humor and charm is a year-long story of a mischievous puppy Bulldog caught in the whirlpool of Edwardian London society. CECIL ALDIN's illustrations and stories are attractive not only to children but also to adults.

It is a hardcover and originally has no jacket.
The condition is bad as a whole, and there are stains and discoloration.
There is a tear in the closed part of the back, and the page and cover are not removed, but in the future, if you handle it too roughly, the tear will gradually worsen and the whole is likely to fall apart.
There is no line drawing on the page, but there is a slight pencil stain on the back cover.
The corners of the cover and page are rubbed and rounded.
There is a tear at the bottom of a page.

The illustrations are cute, so I would like to recommend it to dog lovers.
Actually, I feel like I want to separate the illustrations and put them in the frame to decorate them ... (It's a waste ...).

Globally, it seems that the same picture book published by William Heinemann Publishing Co., Ltd. in London in 1905 is in circulation. The EP Dutton publisher in New York may have had a small circulation.

31 x 24.5 cm, 24 pages

This is a very old antique item. There is a lot of damage. Please purchase after consenting to the damage.

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